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Hi! Welcome to Poplar Bluff News, here you will find articles for events relating to the Poplar Bluff area. So far we have two articles, one is about the closing of Hydro Adventures, and the other is about a burglar who was recently arrested and is believed to be involved with numerous break ins. Below you will find a description of both as well as a link to both.

Hydro Adventures Closing?

As some of you may know, the owners of Hydro Adventures have announced its closure in Poplar Bluff. The closing of the park is partially due to the recent Covid-19 epidemic, however; Chief Financial Officer, Doug Anderson stated that the owners had been considering closure for a while. For more information, head to https://mason-gillmore.neocities.org/Hydro-Adventures-Closure.html to read the article, or https://mason-gillmore.neocities.org/Documents/Poplar%20Bluff%20News.pdf to view the article in pdf form

Burglar Arrested

Earlier this week, on the 23rd of September, the Poplar Bluff Police Department went to an investigate an alarm at the park department office. Upon arrival Patrolman Kenneth Carpenter discovered Matthew Lovell, 30, inside of the building. Lovell is believed to have been involved with recent break ins such as the burglaries at the Junior High, Precision Auto Glass, and Holy Cross Esiscopal Church. For more information, head to https://www.darnews.com/story/2836915.html