Local Water Park for Sale?

One of the biggest summertime attractions in Butler Country, Hydro Adventures, is now up for sell with the current owners hoping for a local buyer to buy and take over the property. Earlier this year, Chief Financial Officer, Doug Anderson ,stated Once we were cleared to open it, the season was going to be so short. It just didn't make much sense to reopen it. Anderson thought about it for a few weeks and eventually decided that the time had come to sell the park stating, The sale is really something that we were considering prior to this season. So,it was really more of a natural progression more so than necessarily a covid related issue. The closing of the park eliminates more than 50 summer jobs and leaves the public very few places to go to to cool off.

Information Regarding the Purchase of the Park

The purchaser of the park would actually have the park as it stands now proper. Which includes the waterpark, go-cart track, huge arcade, plenty of parking to accommodate the facility.

In total, whoever purchases the park will get over 90,000 square feet of property and the current attractions. This would also allow Anderson to focus on other interests who states,The reason for selling the park is we operate other parks throughout the country, and this just doesn't fit our geographic and where we continue to expand and have concentrationsIf you wish to learn more about the purchase of the park, you can either go to the Hydro Adventures website https://hydroadventures.com/ or contact the owners at 573-727-9322

All information presented was gathered from https://www.kfvs12.com/2020/08/07/hydro-adventures-water-park-sale/

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